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Article 4

Is It Game Over For Derby? 

Join us on this exclusive webinar with the head of planning Paul Clarke









Hey everyone Oliver here, in this webinar, I'll be discussing the implications of Article 4 on HMOs in Derby. We'll cover important details about the consultation period, submitting plans, and the potential increase in room rates. I'll also address the suitability of properties in certain areas and the importance of timing. Make sure to watch till the end for valuable insights and fantastic questions for Paul Clarke from the head of Derby planning from local landlords.

If you own HMO's or are looking to invest in HMO's in Derby this is not to be missed, there is only a short window of time left to take action and put your investment strategy into place.


Webinar includes:

22 page e-book that goes into more detail about Article 4, what it is, what to do now, what to do after it is implemented and the potential opportunities and disadvantages Article 4 will bring to Derby.

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