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Reporting Maintenance.

- We understand that maintenance issues will arise, with a higher footfall of traffic and usage on appliances and furnishings compared to a normal family home, it is inevitable something will need attention or tightening up from time to time. That's why at Houseshare Heroes we have a reactive maintenance team on hand to handle all aspects of property maintenance leaving you to enjoy your home. So we can handle your request efficiently please complete the below form including photos and videos and we will send one of our trusted contractors as soon as possible.


Burst Pipes: are an emergency. Shut the water off at the stop tap (refer to signage in property for location), report to maintenance immediately. If it is outside of hours working hours (9am-6pm) the plumber will attend within the hour.

Call: 01332 730 276

Fire Alarm: Alert the other occupants and vacate property, if a genuine fire call the fire brigade 999.


False Alarm Fault:

Call:  07973 384788


EMERGENCIES: 01332 730 276

No Power: Unplug everything and flip fuse back up on the fuse board (see signage in property for location). Plug appliances back in one by one to identify faulty appliance.

Please report above. 

Always check western powers website first for any power cuts in your area:

No Heating/Hot Water: Report before 5pm and it will be resolved the same day. Out of hours an engineer will attend the following day.

Lock Fault Call: 01332 730276


WiFi: Please report above.

All maintenance other than emergencies are to be reported through the above contact form. This will allow us to process maintenance issues as efficiently and quickly as possible.

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