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### Length of Rental:


**Question:** What's the shortest length I can rent for?

- **Answer:** The minimum term for renting is 6 months.


### Couples in a Room:


**Question:** Can couples live in a room?

**Answer:** Larger properties may allow couples, subject to availability and proper description in the advert. A surcharge of £150.00 a month may apply.

### Pet Policy:


**Question:** Do you accept pets?

**Answer:** We regretfully cannot accept pets like cats, dogs, or rabbits due to potential allergies. Fish or small reptiles are allowed in your room if kept securely. Please inquire.


### Viewing and Application:

**Question:** How soon can I view?
**Answer:** Viewings require 24-hour notice. Same-day viewings are not possible.


**Question:** How soon can I move in?
**Answer:** Once you've viewed and applied online, we aim for a 48-hour application review. The move-in date will be coordinated accordingly.


**Question:** Can I apply without viewing?
**Answer:** Yes, you can apply without viewing; however, a physical or virtual viewing is strongly recommended.

For further inquiries or specific assistance, please reach out to us directly. Your satisfaction and comfort are our priority!

### Billing and Affordability:

**Question:** Are the bills free?
**Answer:** No, bills are not free. Each property follows a fair usage policy, and excess energy usage is divided among housemates Here:

**Question:** How much do I need to earn to rent a room?

**Answer:** You need to earn a minimum of 30 times the rent to pass affordability.


**Question.** What do I need to provide for my referencing?

**Answer.** 3 Month Payslips, ID, Employment Contract, Previous Landlord Reference, Right To Rent #.

### Guarantor and Credit Score:

**Question:** My credit score isn't great; can I still rent?

**Answer:** Yes, a guarantor can support your application if you have poor credit.

**Question:** What does a guarantor mean?

**Answer:** A guarantor is responsible for rent if you default or accrue debts during the tenancy.

### Additional Queries:

**Question:** Can my partner or friends stay round?

**Answer:** Friends and partners can stay a maximum of 2 nights a week, accompanying you at all times.

**Question:** How do I get my deposit back?

**Answer:** Ensure a clean, damage-free room, return the key, and await a deposit inspection by the deposit protection service.

**Question:** How do I apply for a parking permit?

**Answer:** Visit your local council website with your signed tenancy agreement and insurance documents to obtain a parking permit at around £50.00 a year.

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